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Mentoring Youth Employment: Awareness, Education, Training & Workforce Readiness

Subsidiary of L.E.G.A.C.C.Y. - USA, Inc.

Good Sports - USA is a subsidiary of the 501 (c) (3) non-profit L.E.G.A.C.C.Y. - USA, Inc., whose mission is "Leveraging partnerships that Empower, Grow & Advance Challenged Communities & Youth who reside in low income and rural communities."

L.E.G.A.C.C.Y , as a non-profit, has its origins in its founder, CEO and Program Director, Mr. Darrell L. Feagin, Sr., who, after many years of Human Service work, believes that "challenged communities" are not deficit in their capability or capacities but more specifically in their lack of resources and opportunities. 

Mr. Feagin states, "It is within low income housing communities that I discovered there still remains a lack of resources and opportunities, specifically for our youth.  Like a buried treasure in that part of the world where the perception is that it’s just too dangerous to go mining, I found from the good guy to the bad guy, most of the people who live in these communities are simply trying to survive but lack the resources, incentives and opportunities to grow and advance."

Good Sports - USA is about getting the youth within these communities off of the sidelines and into the game of employment.  The first in a series of steps to help the children and the families that reside within these somewhat forgotten communities is preparation through mentoring employment awareness, education, training and readiness programs specifically designed to assist them.

Our Mission:

Good Sports - USA's primary mission is direct service to provide youth, regardless of race or ethnicity, who reside in low income housing communities with resources and opportunities to be successful, academically as students, as citizens in the community and employees/professionals in the workplace. 

Our Philosophy:

Good Sports - USA's philosophy begins with "meeting the youth where they're at" and when you speak to almost any youth today within the low income housing community, the clear majority of youth, when asked about their aspirations, respond with a desire to become either a professional athlete, musician, entertainer, or some other celebrity-type, and here at Good Sports - USA we get that!

​​​  A Mentee "2" Mentor Moment!

We Get it!

Some might say, "You get what?”  Consider the fact that we live in a competitive society that says you can be like those amazing people, have all those nice things and go to all of those wonderful places but when you lack the resources and the opportunities to achieve, attaining success can seem impossible.

At Good Sports – USA, we get the dream and we get that the overwhelming majority of the youth with "that dream" of becoming the professional athlete or the celebrity will not likely achieve that goal. BUT, we see and believe in that youth's motivation as being their primary"vehicle of opportunity" and with the appropriate guidance and resources they can be successful.

Good Sports - USA has embraced our youth's motivation and has designed trademarked programming that offers participating youth the opportunity to meet sports and entertainment professionals through exciting, educational workshops and explorations focused on non-player sports & entertainment careers.

Good Sports - USA youth are matched with an adult mentor who is tasked with assisting, encouraging, and supporting the youth's commitment to the following Good Sports - USA expectations:

Academic Improvement,
Learning about the Employment Process
Participating in Character Development
Learning about Career Planning
Participating in Life Skills Development
Participating in Career Explorations
Participating in Service Learning

In addition, each participating youth's parent/guardian is assigned a Good Sports - USA case manager who will assess the basic needs of the parent/guardian and provide them with a referral to available community resources.

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​Mentees at Work in Community Garden - Tallahassee

Good Sports - USA
subsidiary of L.E.GA.C.C.Y. - USA, Inc.