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Because of You We Can...

Donation Centers and Retail Stores

$25 Donate
Your donation/sponsorship to Good Sports – USA, 501 (c) (3) is a big part of what drives our success and we want to thank you. Please, encourage family, friends and co-workers to visit with us, donate or sponsor to any of our Good Sports – USA donation/sponsorship campaigns.
$50 Donate

Good Sports – USA is aggressively looking to initiate and expand in its mission to Leverage community partnerships that Empower, Grow and Advance Challenged Communities & Youth who reside in low-income and rural communities in the United States of America.

We need your help in order to build self-sustaining donation centers and retail stores that will support our mission.

Your financial donation/sponsorship not only supports the building of our next donation center or retail store, but it, also, creates training and employment opportunities for youth who reside in low-income and rural communities.

$100 Donate

Community Partnerships

Good Sports - USA’s success relies a great deal within the meaning behind the ancient African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child (Igbo and Yoruba - Nigeria)!"  We get it! 

Good Sports - USA is continuously reaching out to every Individual, group, professional, non-professional, corporation big or small, nonprofit and government agency and saying we can use your help!  One of the primary ingredients in our success plan is "keeping youth busy" with positive and engaging activities.

Your donation/sponsorship of a "time commitment" can make the difference between a youth going home tonight from a positive engagement or his being misled down a negative pathway toward delinquency.

When Good Sports - USA staff and volunteers are available in low-income and rural communities during those critical hours after school or during the summer your donation/sponsorhip as a community partner can and does change lives.


Transportation & Lodging

Good Sports – USA is always in need of transportation and overnight lodging.

Your financial donation/sponsorship supports youth outings and explorations to businesses and events, within our local community and nationally, where youth meet with business owners and take part in real world business operations.

Additionally, your donation/sponsorship goes a long way in supporting chartered trips that require transportation to destinations that may include overnight lodging, which gives youth an opportunity to explore and learn about culture and art that is uncommon to where they live.

    Youth Mentoring Program
                Service Needs

Good Sports – USA strives to offer our youth participants quality and professional mentoring services by ensuring best practices, which includes thorough background checks/screenings of staff, mentors, tutors and program aides. Additionally, we conduct ongoing assessments of our teaching methods/ programming practices.

Another outcome is that your donation/sponsorship boosts youth participation in the classroom thus increasing academic performance and better preparing youth for the workforce.

Youth Training and Employment           

Used Sports Equipment & Used      
                 Sports Apparel

Good Sports - USA believes that the youth are never too young to begin learning about employment; therefore, we're always looking for training or employment opportunities for our youth.

Your employment training or job donation opportunity, including pay, will greatly increase each participating youth's understanding and appreciation for the employment process; these employment trainings or job donation opportunities must meet with state Labor law requirements.

 Summer Camp

Good Sports – USA accepts used individual and team sports equipment (no electronics) from all sports, A to Z. Some of the more common sports include American Football, Flag Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Archery, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Roller Skating, Billiards, Baton Twirling, Rugby, Skiing, Boxing, Gymnastics and the list goes on.

Good Sports – USA also, accepts used individual and team sports apparel, including footwear from city leagues, elementary/ middle/ high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and sports brands.

Some of the more common professional sports brand apparel include Nike, Reebok, ESPN, Adidas, Under Amour, UFC, and many others.

Good Sports – USA’s 8 Days of Summer program is a series of workshops in which youth learn about the employment process for non-player sports and entertainment jobs and careers, learn about health and fitness, participate in character and life skills development, social activities and experience exciting weekly adventures to destinations beyond home, such as the beach, zoo, theme parks, water parks, etc.; which, also, allows them to learn about the employment opportunities that exist within each of these  industries.

Your donation/sponsorship provides training materials, program uniforms, engagement activities/events, park/parking fees, lodging, participation incentives and fun for youth throughout the summer.

Program Supplies

Good Sports – USA is always in the need of non-perishable foods and snacks for our after school programs, winter/spring break programs, weekend and summer break programs. Some of the more frequently needed non-perishable items include bottled water, Gatorade, granola bars, pop tarts, cereal and a host of other nonperishable food items.

          Social Media

Good Sports - USA welcomes the opportunity for you to spread the word about our programs, services and products.

When you donate your Social contacts by posting our website link to your face book page, twitter account and other social media posts, you help advance our mission.  Please pass along our web address to family, friends and co-workers - Thank You!
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Good Sports - USA
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