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Take Time-Out 2 Talk...

If you're here, we're so excited and we know that you understand the importance of talking with youth.

When you join our "Time-Out 2 Talk" campaign you're simply taking the time-out to:

1) Say hello and ask youth about their day
2. Provide encouragement or motivation....that's it!

 Your donation supports our mission to fund Good Sports - USA retail stores where youth who attend homework & tutoring sessions each day are rewarded with the opportunity to work after school and during school breaks, learn workforce readiness skills and  work ethic.

 In the long-term, your donation will help to decrease youth delinquency, increase high school graduation rates and to develop youth who will become contributing citizens in they're respective  communities.

We would like for you to join us as a Good Sports - USA  "Take Time-Out 2 Talk" campaign donor.

In addition, as a symbol of your commitment to the Good Sports- USA "Time-Out 2 Talk" campaign you'll receive an engraved "Time-Out 2 Talk" whistle with your inscribed favorite number (#13),  either yours or a gift recipients first or last name (Darrell) and the forever designation of being a "Good Sports - USA Ambassador."


Please provide your desired #Number and Name for your whistle in the "Write Note Box"  at check-out just below donation and we'll send your custom whistle.


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Below we offer some pointers and practices for engaging and talking with
youth and we thank you for your support of Youth Mentoring.

Gratitude, Encouragement & Options

How's Your Day?


The easiest way into good dialogue with youth is simply asking, how's your day?  Most youth appear suprised when asked and we've learned from our many Indiivdual and Group sessions that youth are often excited to share.
It's simple, close your mouth, open your ears and direct your eyes into the youth who is speaking.  it is ever comforting when youth can feel that they have your undivded atttention and that you're listening.
Next, and as much as youth will allow, always offer thanks for sharing and encouragement, especially when a goal has been accomplished.  On the otherhand listening as the relationship strengtens can lead to questions and that's easiest handled by being open, honest, and offering options to think about.