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Volunteer with a Financial Donation
Volunteer as a Mentor
Good Sports - USA has an on-going need for financial resources to support our programming and thus we recognize financial donations as a vital form of volunteering.

Your donations and your word of mouth to your family and friends about donating can go a long way in supporting our mission and ensuring that Good Sports - USA staff and mentees have the supplies necessary to conduct the business of preparing our youth with employment awareness, education, training and workforce readiness.

Your financial donations will be used to provide for background checks, food items, transportation, pay event fees, support engagement activities, purchase outdoor exploration equipment/supplies, to provide achievement and recognition awards and to support participating Good Sports - USA mentees as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Did you know that most grants do not allow funds to be used for the purchase of food items?  Good Sports - USA  recognizes that you will have little success in holding the attention of a mentee who's hungry.

We make every effort in our programming to ensure that the mentees participating in the Good Sports - USA program have a hardy and healthy snack sufficient to keeping their attention focused on learning.
When you donate to Good Sports – USA, you help to eliminate hunger as a negative factor and provide for a greater chance that a participating mentee will learn something today free from the distraction of hunger.

When you donate to Good Sports – USA, you help each participating mentee appreciate the idea of giving as we acknowledge our donors humility as a gift and an opportunity to teach and demonstrate to our mentees the importance and value in giving.

When you donate to Good Sports – USA, you will help us come closer to attaining our internal goals for creating a sustainable program that truly works to eliminate the lack of resources and opportunities faced by these "at risk" communities and there youth.

Good Sports USA - thanks you for your donation and should you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to contact us.  Thank you!

Our First Graduate with Mom/Mentor:
         "Congratulations India!"

Good Sports - USA is forever seeking adult mentors willing to give 30 minutes to an hour, or more, whenever they can. 

Did you know that statistics have shown that one hour per week, or at least 4 hours per month, can have a tremendous impact in whether a youth will graduate from high school or be persuaded by poor choices that lead to delinquency?

Good Sports - USA strongly believes that most adults have, at some point in their lives, made poor choices and thus you are duly qualified to tell your story to a mentee who would otherwise without knowing make the same mistake.

Good Sports - USA mentors are not asked to be subject matter experts, teachers, or tutors, butplay a valuable role in encouraging and supporting their mentee's efforts at goal attainment at home, in school, in the community and within the Good Sports - USA youth mentoring program.

When you volunteer as a Good Sports - USA youth mentor, you can rest assured that our organization will encourage, guide, support and provide the resources that you need to be successful, just as you will with your mentee.


What Does Success Look Like?

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Volunteer as a Tutor

Good Sports - USA is always in the need for tutors who are the subject matter experts that drive our mentee's academic success.

Working in coordination with parents/guardians, schools/teachers, guadance counselors and the Good Sports - USA youth mentoring program staff, mentors and aides, our tutors are essential.

If you're skilled in any of the primary subjects such as reading, writing, math, language arts, science, biology our mentee's could use your assistance in our after school programs.

Good Sports - USA tutors are tasked with assessing and working with mentee's in our after school tutoring program which is designated strictly as program requirement and is the first hour of our mentoring program activities following our mentee's speaking about they're day.  Good Sports - USA hopes that you will consider becoming a Good Sports - USA  volunteer tutor, we need your help!

Many tutors, mentors and aides come into the mentoring process full of uncertainty and most, in fact I'd say all of them, walk away learning one thing about themselves, either it is or isn't for them.

We would argue that most volunteers will learn so much more about themselves and many will leave the mentoring process never knowing whether they had an impact upon the mentees, but let me assure you, all volunteers do. 

Success between a volunteer and mentee begins with developing a positive relationship that's encouraging, supportive and, as an adult volunteer, you're there to guide the mentee's thought process with positive options. 

Successful volunteers maintain a principled perspective and process between themselves and the mentees, which drives the success of the mentoring experience.

As a volunteer, no matter the capacity, we know you can offer our mentees the opportunity to grow and we hope that you will join us as a Good Sports - USA volunteer.

Good Sports - USA - thanks you for your consideration of joining our youth mentoring program and family.  Should you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to contact us.

Mentor Assist Mentees in Developing
  Social Skills in the Mall - Tallahassee

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Volunteer as an Aide
Good Sports - USA understands that not everyone desires to be an adult mentor and that's ok.  As a volunteer aide, you play a vital role in our program and there are no standing time commitments, however, we do appreciate your help whenever you're available.

We're continually searching for volunteer aides to support our programs in numerous capacities such as assisting our staff with group facilitation actvities, serving as an adult chaperone during  group outings and so.

Good Sports - USA hopes that you will consider becoming a Good Sports - USA volunteer aide

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